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.Hot Desks for hire

Not only does Anglia House Business Centre provide short term rented office space, meeting, training and conference rooms we can also have a dedicated hot desking area.

Hot Desks for hire in Anglia House Business Centre Thetford NorfolkHot Desks for hire in Anglia House Business Centre Thetford NorfolkFor some people hot desking has a bad reputation because they think of noisy cavernous spaces where they have no sense of personal space. At Anglia House Business Centre we believe that using one of our Hot Desks should be something that our customers look forward to. We have kept the space relatively small, had it decorated to a high standard and kept desks well spaced. Working out of a location like Anglia House Business Centre also enables you to network with the other users of the business centre.

When you are starting up or growing a business office space costs are a significant part of your fixed costs. Hot desking at Anglia House Business Centre can dramatically reduce your costs by enabling you to only pay for office space when you need the facilities of an office. Our hot desking suite gives you access to free Wi-Fi.  We can provide tea, coffee and biscuits our hot desking clients and on site catering is available if booked in advance from our partner.

Hot desking Thetford NorfolkHot desking Thetford NorfolkWhen you require more space for meetings, interviews , running a conference or training session you could also rent on of our larger rooms (the Nelson, Duleep Singh, Boudicca, Thomas Paine and Charles Burrell Rooms ). 

You may be initially starting up a business from home in which case hot desking can provide a way of moving to a business premises with incurring the big increase in fixed costs and long term commitment that a lease would entail.

For an established business that does not require a full time presence in the Thetford area but has staff visiting the area hot desking can provide a convenient base from which to call on your clients or perhaps to arrange meetings in one of our other rooms.

Growing businesses local to the Thetford area may also find hot desking a good option to provide additional space for staff as their existing premises fill up.


The Mainwaring Suite, desks space for rent Thetford NorfolkThe Mainwaring Suite, desks space for rent Thetford NorfolkMany people find starting up and running a business from home because they miss the buzz or working with other people in an office environment. Starting your business in a hot desking environment can help ease the transition from being employed to running your own business by giving you access to the familiarity of a shared office space with incurring high initial costs or committing to a long term lease.

If you are looking for hot desking or short term office space in Norfolk or Suffolk then Anglia House Business Centre could provide the perfect space. At Anglia House Business Centre you can rent one of high quality rooms by the half day or full day. We pride ourselves that our recently redecorated rooms will provide you with better experience than other locations around the Thetford, Watton, Attleborough, Wyndham, Bury St Edmunds and Breckland areas.


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